Artist Spotlight: Charli XCX

This summer I took a class in Angers, France where my classmates and I shot and edited mini documentaries for our interactive technology class. This trip was incredible and we were out every day, all day. All these bus rides gave me the time to listen to new music and just free write, this is one of those posts.

Charli XCX is an up and coming pop singer hailing from Hertfordshire, England. I remember first hearing about Charli at SXSW this year, she played a good number of shows including the pitchfork showcase with Grimes and Fiona Apple. I didn’t see her this year and it absolutely kills me to know I had the chance. A few weeks after SXSW I hadn’t heard anything about her record coming out so I really just forgot about it, until Pitchfork post some photos from their showcase. Being the super hipsters they are, Pitchfork posted a few backstage photos of the bands in cinemagraph (a type of mash up of a gif and a still photograph). I checked out the pictures to see how awesome grimes would be and like usual she was super cool. As I was scrolling through the article I saw a picture of this badass chick sitting in a chair throne just moving back and forth, dressed in ripped black tights and a denim jacket, it was Charli XCX. I had to hear what she sounded like but when I searched around Amazon and iTunes I couldn’t find a thing.

A few weeks ago (so more like a few months ago) I was checking out the new Daytrotter sessions when I noticed Charli XCX had recorded her own session. I had no idea what to expect since up to this point I had never heard a single song by her, I really didn’t even know what genre it would be. The first thing I hear is a girl with maybe the greatest accent ever welcoming me to her Daytrotter session, the next thing I hear is the hit of an 808 and I knew I was going to love this. It’s difficult for me to call Charli a pop singer because there really is more to it than that. The music in her songs are good enough to stand on their own in the EDM scene but Charli manages to add that extra flavor to each song that gets you hooked. The choruses are infectious, every time I listen to her the songs are stuck in my head for hours.

Charli XCX is on the rise and I wouldn’t be surprised if she blew up this year (she already has). Charli XCX released her newest EP “You’re The One” stateside on July 3rd of this year, keep an eye out for her full-length record later this year.

Charli XCX – “You’re The One”


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