New Sleigh Bells Song – “Comeback Kid”

Sleigh Bells is releasing their new album “Reign Of Terror” on February 21st via Mom+Pop. The band will be co headlining a short tour with Diplo in February in support of the new record. Sleigh Bells 2010 debut release “Treats” was a hit in the indie rock community and I personally thought it was amazing. Sleigh Bells has this strange sound of blown-out drums and synth mixed with highly distorted guitar rifts that they manage to pull off with perfection. The band consists of Derek Miller (Ex-Poison The Well) and Alison Krauss (Ex-RubyBlue). The two members of the band come from very different musical backgrounds, Hardcore and Teen Pop, and I think that’s what makes them so bizarre but such a fresh sound in the saturated music industry. Sleigh Bells has released two songs since the announcement of their record, “Born To Lose” and “Comeback Kid”. When I first heard “Born To Lose” about a month ago I didn’t really like the song that much but after listening to it for about a month I’ve grown to like it. I heard “Comeback Kid” for the first time today and I instantly liked it, the song has made me really excited for the album. The band is keeping with the original sound of Treats but the sound is a lot bigger, it has that arena filling sound. Another thing I noticed about the two songs is that Alison’s voice is a lot more prominent throughout and they seem to have laid off the voice distortion, a little. I missed the band on their last tour when they came to Austin and I will not make that mistake again, I can only hope they will grace Austin with their presence at SXSW this year.

Here are the two new songs and the teaser for the the new album.

“Reign Of Terror” Album Teaser

Sleigh Bells – “Comeback Kid”

Sleigh Bells – “Born To Lose” 


The new video for “Comeback Kid” was posted! 


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